Selling a Property


5. Revive faded rooms

A fresh coat of light, neutral paint is a must in most rooms. Not only do newly painted walls create a clean feeling, but their neutrality allows potential buyers to add on their own personality or ideas. Bright or bold colours are not everyone’s cup of tea.

6. Get rid of that smell

Don’t just cover it up with air freshener – find the cause of a bad smell and eliminate it.  Invite a trusted friend over to help you detect any off-putting smells and then get to the source.

7. Brighten up the space

Clean all windows and open up the blinds or drapes to let in the light. Ensure that each fixture in the house has a working light bulb of the maximum safe wattage, to brighten the space. Good lighting creates an uplifting atmosphere and will appeal to potential buyers.



7 tips to follow in order to make a great first impression:

1. Clean up

Take a few seconds to look up and down each room to identify any areas that are often neglected and give them a deep clean.

2. Depersonalize and De-clutter

Try to find a way to organize the things you want to keep and get rid of the rest, either by giving them away, throwing them out or storing them in an offsite storage space.

You’ll also want to put away any photographs or personal items so that your guests don’t feel as though they’re intruding — they should be able to easily imagine their own belongings in the space.

3. Build curb appeal

Walk out onto the curb of your home and observe it.  Try to make the front of your home look as inviting and safe as possible.

4. Maintain your landscaping

While you’re outside, take a look at any trees or bushes you may have. Prune, trim and weed to create a clean atmosphere. The key is to make everything look fresh and new for potential buyers.